Five Reasons to Use Tile Flooring

Choosing a material for your floors can be overwhelming.  Wood, tile, carpet, and vinyl are all common.  Here at Solid State Tile, we love tile for floors.  Here are five reasons why. Return on Investment Whether you are renting, residing in, or selling your home, tile will give you the best return on your investment, […]

Have Allergies? Consider Tile.

It’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about, but the type of flooring you use can have a huge impact on your health.  If you or a loved one suffer from allergies or asthma, there are important factors to consider, beyond just the color and flooring type. While natural stone is beautiful, not only is it […]

Advantages of Stone Alternatives

There is no denying that real stone materials are all the rage in home design.  Marble, limestone, slate, and granite (maybe you’ve heard of these kinds of countertops, once or twice perhaps?) are HGTV darlings.  Natural stone is beautiful, durable and versatile.  Unfortunately, it is also outrageously expensive, not economically-friendly, and extremely high maintenance.   Fortunately, […]

Give the Gift of Tile

Has your wife been thinking about renovating the kitchen with some stone tile flooring and a backsplash? Or maybe your husband has been dreaming of a stone patio since you moved into the house. Christmas is nearly upon us, and what better gift could you give than the gift of tile? If you think about […]

When You Should Look Beyond Marble Tile Flooring

Marble is literally a classic favorite. Mention Greek architecture and the first thing in your mind’s eye is marble columns. Roman sculptures? Marble. Marble has been a favorite in decoration and even flooring since ancient times, in part because of the gorgeous, unique look and variety of colors it can be found in.  Marble tile […]