Give the Gift of Tile

Has your wife been thinking about renovating the kitchen with some stone tile flooring and a backsplash? Or maybe your husband has been dreaming of a stone patio since you moved into the house. Christmas is nearly upon us, and what better gift could you give than the gift of tile?

If you think about it, tile really makes a great gift. What are the hallmarks of a really good Christmas present? It’s something people don’t often get for themselves. It’s something someone wouldn’t expect. It lasts a long time and is seen every day, so your loved one can think about what a wonderful and thoughtful gift-giver you are on a daily basis.

Of course, it’s not likely that we’d be able to install a bunch of showers or floors or what have you by Christmas at this point, but you can come into our brand new showroom at 365 Witt St, Winston Salem, NC 27103 for a consultation. If we go ahead and schedule your installation, maybe we can send you home with a picture of your tile sample to wrap and put under the tree!