A Look Into Glass Tile

First found in Egypt 3,500 years ago, then traveling to Greece and India, the use of glass tiles are an architectural wonder. Installations began as intricate mosaics, some of which still stand today and provide historical insight into these ancient cultures. Using pieces of glass in an array of colors, artists created intricate designs and […]

New Year’s Renovation Resolutions

There’s always something in your house that you want to change, update, or renovate, isn’t there? It’s just part of being a homeowner, wanting to make your home even better. With the New Year upon us, why not roll your New Year’s resolutions into your home renovations? Here are a few ideas. Install that Backsplash […]

Give the Gift of Tile

Has your wife been thinking about renovating the kitchen with some stone tile flooring and a backsplash? Or maybe your husband has been dreaming of a stone patio since you moved into the house. Christmas is nearly upon us, and what better gift could you give than the gift of tile? If you think about […]

Why Get a Tile Backsplash?

Watch any home renovation show on TV and you’ll invariably see they’ve added a nice tile backsplash to the kitchen. If you’re considering any improvements to your kitchen, a tile backsplash needs to be high on your list. Aside from looking good though, they do have functional purposes. Protection Your kitchen is one of two […]