Why Get a Tile Backsplash?

Watch any home renovation show on TV and you’ll invariably see they’ve added a nice tile backsplash to the kitchen. If you’re considering any improvements to your kitchen, a tile backsplash needs to be high on your list. Aside from looking good though, they do have functional purposes.


Your kitchen is one of two type of rooms that use running water, the other being a bathroom. When you think of running water in the bathroom, what surrounds it? A hard surface, often tile, to keep water from damaging the walls.

Similarly, your kitchen sink is inevitably going to cause some splashage.The same with cooking on your stove, whether you’re simply boiling water or cooking something in a pan without covering the top. The point is that water is going to get on your wall, and water damages walls. A tile backsplash will prevent water damage.


Building on the protection aspect a tile backsplash provides, they’re also much easier to clean. Maybe your kid was stirring some cake mix a little too vigorously or you accidentally splattered some spaghetti sauce. With a plain, painted wall, the cleanup could wear away the paint and even leave a lasting stain. With a tile backsplash all you need is a damp cloth to make it look like nothing ever happened.


Finally, let’s face it, tile backsplashes just look amazing. The style and pattern options are nearly unlimited. You can go easy and classic with subway tile or go a bit funky with more of a mosaic look, or pretty much whatever you can imagine! Take a look at some of the work we’ve done with tile backsplashes, then contact us to get your backsplash professionally installed!