Tile Your Fireplace

Looking for an easy upgrade to your fireplace? Try tile!

Tiling a fireplace is an inexpensive way to create a dramatic new look for your home. The small square footage creates an opportunity for big return on costs, and with a wide range of styles and materials, every tiled fireplace can be unique. By focusing your efforts on such a prominent feature, the tiles improve not just the fireplace itself but the entire room as well.

Tile is usually placed in two areas: the hearth or the surround. Surround tiles are mostly decorative, but they do provide some barrier between your home and the fire. These tiles will need to be heat resistant, but they don’t have to be super tough. They can be floor or wall tile.

In contrast, hearth tiles need to be strong and highly durable. The hearth is where tools and logs are placed so the tiles will take some abuse as time goes on. You cannot use wall tiles for the hearth. Some of the best tiles for hearths are natural stone, marble, granite or slate.

Regardless of the tile you choose, pay attention to the not just the colors and materials, but also the patterns. Decide what you want the focal point to be and go from there. Contact Solid State Tile to start your fireplace update today!