Tile and Grout Cleaning

You have invested time and money in your beautiful tile.  Yet over time, tile in all locations can lose its shine.  Special care is needed to keep your tile—and its surrounding grout—in tip top shape.  Professional cleaning can spare you the time and energy to maintain the results that scrubbing and mopping just can’t provide.

Tile can be just about anywhere in a home.  Bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchens, foyers, back splashes, entryways, sun rooms, and counter tops are just a few examples.  Types of tile vary widely from ceramic to porcelain to travertine to limestone and more.  Professional tile cleaners know the best products to get the best results for each specific location and type of tile. The deep cleaning they provide can help extend the life of your tile and make your regular home maintenance more effective.

Professional tile cleaners also get deeper into the “dirt”.  Soap and body oils, kitchen use, and foot traffic all leave dirt and residue behind, no matter how often you clean.  Retail grout cleaners only clean the surface of the grout.  They can’t penetrate deep enough into the porous grout that a professional deep cleaning can.  Worse, improper cleaning may discolor the grout over time and damage the tiles themselves causing cracks, stains and mildew.  Signs that you need to change your grout include flaking, cracks, and tiles coming off.  As soon as you see these signs, take action.  Water can seep into your wall and cause extensive damage to your walls.

Protect your investment for years to come.  Contact Solid State Tile for a professional deep cleaning of your grout and tile.