Subway Tile: Giving a Fresh Face to a Classic Design

Subway tile originated in New York City in 1904. When the subway system there opened, passengers were enamored with the look. The popularity of subway tile swelled, and now it is making a comeback with that same classic style, but a massive variety of colors and a little more flash.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, to even fireplace surrounds, the versatility of subway tile is not to be ignored. Stacked, herringbone, offset brick, and vertical stack are common patterns. Materials are also varied, with most being ceramic, stone, porcelain and glass.

Speaking of glass, glass subway tiles are a great way to honor the classic pattern of subway tile while adding your own touch of unique flair. There is a huge assortment of colors available to match your pallet. Transparency is also an option with glass varieties, and shine ranges from high gloss to a sanded beach glass look.

Another way to step out of the classical past is to switch up your pattern. You can also break up the repetitive pattern and add creative flair with borders, beveled edges and different colors combinations. No matter your tile choice, Solid State Tile is here to help you meet your tile needs!