Revolutionizing the tradesman experience

When you call any tradesman, what do you expect? For most, the “typical tradesman experience” goes something like this:

  1. Your worker(s) show up late (if they show up at all) – Lets say you’re tradesman tells you they will arrive at 11:00 am. You leave work at 10:30 to let the crew in your home.11:00…12:00…1:00…finally by 1:30 you get a phone call that says your tradesman is on his way. If you’d known it’d be this late you could’ve spend the entire morning getting things done at the office.
  2. Over budget – You interview 3 tradesmen before beginning your project and decide on the team with a price at 90{9d3c0f9253419ce71d89623cdd09bd89d5ffa79d139400a1743600e7bbbb0e16} of your budget. However, as the project progresses you are told the disappointing news that your costs will be 15{9d3c0f9253419ce71d89623cdd09bd89d5ffa79d139400a1743600e7bbbb0e16} more than you budgeted. You agreed on quality work at the price you were quoted.
  3. Projects take longer than anticipated –A four-day project turns into a two-week project. Everything starts out fine, the contractor comes on the 15th, as anticipated and then after the first two days the crew has to take a week-long break to work on another job. The inconvenience of not being able to fully use a room in your home for two weeks is not something you were expecting.
  4. Broken promises – It’s only fair to expect the quality materials and detailed work originally promised to you, but by the end of a project you see cases where your contractor took the cheapest and easiest route. Uneven corners, lack of symmetry, and cheap materials weren’t in your quote.
  5. Hidden fees – What else wasn’t in your original quote? A few things it seems A $50.00 “dump fee” accompanied by a few other miscellaneous hidden fees really add up on your bill. You thought you paid for a “turnkey” or “out the door” price.
  6. YOU have to clean up after the tradesman leave – After your project is finished, you are left with a front yard full of cigarettes, a floor caked with muddy footprints, and the dust and dirt accumulated over the course of the job.

At Solid State tile we recognize the downfalls of the typical tradesman experience and pride ourselves on providing our customers with an experience that displays the utmost professionalism. The Solid State Tradesman Experience:

  1. We show up on time, every time – Your time is valuable. When we give you a time, we show up at that time.
  2. We stay within your budget – What we quote you is what you pay. Period. End of story.
  3. When we give you a timeline, we stick to it – We work quickly and efficiently to leave you with a quality finished product.
  4. We ALWAYS do what we say we are going to do – No broken promises.
  5. You get one, turnkey price – No hidden fees. We practice honest and open communication with our customers.
  6. We clean up after ourselves – The only thing trace we leave when we finish a job is your new tile. No trash, no cigarette butts, and no mud. Guaranteed.

Our Culture

  1. Quality – Our quality is second to none and everyone gets the same final product
  2. Professionalism – We have the skill and polite behavior that is expected to do a job well
  3. Respect for the customer, employees & the environment – We believe you have to respect yourself before you can deliver a top notch product while showing the utmost respect for one’s living environment
  4. Loyalty – We are devoted to the big picture which means we will stand by our product and have an ongoing relationship with our customer
  5. Common Sense – How we treat our house is how we treat yours
  6. Punctual – We do what we say when we say we will
  7. Consistency – I am consistent in my actions so that my customers and teammates can feel comfortable with me at all times. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent.
  8. Fairness – We will treat everyone the same way – my team, the customer and myself

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