Mosaic Tile: Taking Your Project from Blah to Wow!

Mosaic tiles. They’ve been around a long time. Just the word mosaic brings to mind instant images of famous buildings around the world, installed by brilliant craftsman centuries ago. Modern mosaic tile adds gorgeous, intricate designs to any room, and getting that beautiful look is much easier than in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Coming in 12×12 sheets, mosaic tile is easy to place. It’s extremely versatile, too. Materials range from marble, glass, stone, metal, porcelain, and many more. Some patterns are extremely simple, whereas others are very intricate. While mosaic tiles can be found anywhere, the most common placement is as accents on kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. For those more intrepid, mosaics can cover entire walls and floors.

Where the tile will be placed is also important in the decision-making process. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone mosaic tiles are a durable option for the floor. The bathroom and kitchen can have moisture and stain issues, so non-porous material is a better more lasting choice. As a general guide, ceramic and glass do well in kitchens as they won’t absorb stains and odors. Glass is a popular choice for bathrooms, as well as ceramic, porcelain and even shell. Floors handle a lot of foot traffic and cleaning. Ceramic and stone are good choices if you want your mosaic there. Even the ceiling can be accented with tile!

Mosaic tiles take your project from simple to elegant with very little additional cost. Contact us at Solid State Tile for help taking your next tile project to the next level with mosaics!