Boring to Beauty: How to Fancy Up Your Tile Shower

The master bath is a homeowner’s oasis. Many are taking the space once used for large tubs to create a masterpiece of shower indulgence. If you are going to make the investment, there are a few details to include that will level up your shower game by adding beauty and functionality. And they won’t break the bank! 

Beyond the convenience factor for foot washing and leg shaving, benches look fantastic when they’re part of the walk-in shower. Marble or quartz are great choices for a solid bench seat, but tile will continue the pattern of your walls. You can also choose a different tile if you want the seat to stand out.

Soap Dishes/Soap Trays
As the name implies, soap dishes or soap trays are ledges that provide a place for your soap. They can be recessed, inserts, or surface mounted, plain or fancy. Some recessed soap dishes can also be compartmentalized for soaps, shampoos, and other needs.

Corner Shelves/Wall Niches
Speaking of other needs, built in corner shelves and niches give your shower that high-end look. Not to mention they keep your personal items organized and up off the shower floor. Much like soap dishes, corner shelves can be recessed or surface mounted. Custom tiled niches require the construction of a framed box between the wall studs, can be time-consuming, and can be expensive but look fantastic for many years. Preformed shower niches are only available in a few standard sizes but are much easier to install.

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