Mosaic Tile: Taking Your Project from Blah to Wow!

Mosaic tiles. They’ve been around a long time. Just the word mosaic brings to mind instant images of famous buildings around the world, installed by ...
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Subway Tile: Giving a Fresh Face to a Classic Design

Subway tile originated in New York City in 1904. When the subway system there opened, passengers were enamored with the look. The popularity of subway ...
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Tile Your Fireplace

Looking for an easy upgrade to your fireplace? Try tile! Tiling a fireplace is an inexpensive way to create a dramatic new look for your ...
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Have Allergies? Consider Tile.

It’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about, but the type of flooring you use can have a huge impact on your health.  If you ...
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Getting to Know Grout

The Importance of Grout Every Batman needs his Robin. In the world of home projects, if tiles are Batman, then grout is Robin… It is ...
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Advantages of Stone Alternatives

There is no denying that real stone materials are all the rage in home design.  Marble, limestone, slate, and granite (maybe you’ve heard of these ...
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